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Dentonites, have you ever peeked into the basement windows of the Denton National Bank while walking from the square to Harvest House? Have you stopped to wonder who occupies the offices with the best view of the Courthouse? Learn from the inhabitants themselves about the work that they do at these spots on Stoke’s second annual Denton Startup Crawl on Thursday, November 1st from 5:30 PM to approximately 8:00 PM. We will walk to several stops at the Railyard and on the square and provide refreshments to those attending the crawl and the closing event, Denton Startup Night, back at Stoke.

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Stoke has worked to support and encourage local startups and entrepreneurs since 2016; the Denton Startup Crawl showcases parts of our community that are putting Denton on the tech map, while also helping entrepreneurs beginning their own business journeys make connections and find resources. The official stops that we have planned for the Denton Startup Crawl include the following local companies:

  • Kubos

  • From the Future

  • GSATi

  • Square 205

  • Ready Rosie

In the middle of the crawl, we will also pull over and pay our respects to the site of Denton’s first coworking space. Can you guess where it might have been? (Hint: the name of the beloved and dearly departed place is synonymous with “wordplay.”)

Afterward at Stoke, Denton Startup Night will kick off with a panel discussion focused on the topic: “Denton Startups: Why Denton?” Even more local startups and businesses will attend and have tables, so that you can ask the hard questions about coworking, or just mingle and chat over food and drinks.

Denton Startup Crawl tickets include registration for Denton Startup Night, but if you can’t crawl with us, sign up for Denton Startup Night (1.5 miles less walking). Follow @stokedenton on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and participate in our ticket giveaway by tagging a couple of friends in our contest post by the end of the day on October 19th!