“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

This has some truth to it. While the exact percentage is disputed, many job openings are never advertised through conventional channels. Even for jobs that are advertised, hiring managers are predisposed to hire people they have some previous connection with. Many companies even offer bonuses to their employees for referring new hires to the company. Read on to learn more about this year's Bootstrap Denton event happening today at East Side at 6:30pm!

There’s no opportunity for tech people in Denton. This statement is patently false. In 2017, Denton now has several thriving tech companies and even more remote and freelance workers. Our local tech community is full of fun people who would love to meet more creatively and technically inclined people in town!

TechMill’s annual celebration of Denton’s tech community, Bootstrap Denton, is happening this Thursday at 6:30 PM at East Side Denton. A free RSVP gets you admission and a drink on the house, while a $25 VIP package gets you a TechMill pint glass, custom Bootstrap Denton swag, and $10 off a Pan Ector t-shirt.

Denton staple Pan Ector is just one of the many local organizations that will be represented at the event. Others who will be looking to meet curious, creative people include Flyp, Nectar, 7Feathers, Rowdy Bees, Square 205, Upventur, Kubos, Verus Advisors, and Ready Rosie. All of these companies and non-profits have a presence right here in Denton and are invested in the success of our local tech community.

As for the location itself, East Side is well-known for its wide variety of draft beers and available cocktails. In fact, their bar includes over 80 tap beers (with 60 from Texas!) and over 130 varieties of whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. There will also be the usual assortment of food trucks next to East Side’s spacious back patio.

Food, booze, swag, fun people – what’s not to love? Come join the party!

A scene from a previous TechMill event at East Side. 

A scene from a previous TechMill event at East Side.